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Channel Your Inner Beyonce and Dance Yourself To A Healthier You…

You Can Dance With Us

Dance Your
A$$ Off


We offer 4 distinct class options...


Starpop Fitness

Starpop Fitness breaks down the exact moves from your favorite music video or concert performance while whittling your body and boosting your confidence.


Ratchet Fitness

Ratchet Fitness is a watch & follow class that feels like your best night out, under club lights and a stress-busting hip-hop and r&b playlist.



C’ise is our calorie-torching HIIT classes that combine heart-pumping signature popstar moves with calisthenic toners, set to a hot featured artist soundtrack. Beyoncercise, Britneycise, Rihannacise, Brunocise…


Lit Popstar

Lit Popstar a combination of our Starpop and Ratchet Fitness classes complete with club lighting and a head banging sound system



Briana , Instructor

Briana is an athletic instructor whose classes will challenge you to build your strength & endurance and have loads of fun dancing. Bri’s classes are great if you have some dance or cardio fitness experience but are just as great for beginners. Briana teaches Ratchet Fitness, Starpop Fitness, Bandz & ‘Cise.

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Tiana , Instructor

Tiana is a swaggy instructor with a hip-hop edge. Tiana’s classes are most often hip-hop choreography focused which offers a full body workout. In her classes you will tighten your hip-hop moves and you can count on learning the newest dances. Tiana teaches Ratchet Fitness, Starpop, & ‘Cise.

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Marissa , Instructor

Marissa carries the distinction of being Banana Skirt’s OG (first instructor)! She’s super sassy and can break down the choreography from your favorite pop music videos like no other. If you are taking a Starpop class for the very first time, Marissa is a great pick. Marissa teaches Starpop Fitness.

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Nikki , Instructor

Nikki’s classes are sexy dance cardio with a Harlem twist – swexy. In Nikki’s classes you will channel your sexy while tightening your dance moves and yes, you will sweat your a$$ off. But, like we said, you will feel sexy while doing so! Nikki teaches Ratchet Fitness, ‘Cise and Starpop Fitness.

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Matia , Instructor

Matia’s classes with give you an amazing combination of finesse and athleticism topped off with a jazzy/modern dance twist that offers a 360 degree cardio workout! Matia teaches Starpop Fitness, Ratchet Fitness & ‘Cise.

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Lena , Instructor

Lena’s acting background shines brightly in her classes. She’s has a fun, super sweet personality with a midwest edge. She brings a bit of theatrics to her classes along with a whole lot of calorie burn. Lena teaches Starpop Fitness and is great for beginners.

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Byron , Instructor

Byron is an amazing instructor who makes you feel like he’s known you your entire life while providing the sweat sesh of a lifetime. Byron may have appeared on your IG timeline, as he holds the distinction of going viral for his amazing ability to re-do the choreography of celebs like Ciara & Beyonce within hours after they release new visuals. Byron teaches Starpop Fitness.

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 500 Eighth Ave., 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018 (inside of Pearl Studios).

Selected as one of the "Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017" by Elle UK, Banana Skirt brings a one-of-a-kind dance cardio experience led by a team of ultra energetic and friendly professional dancers.

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815 Broadway @ E.12th Street 

Selected as one of the "Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017" by Elle UK, Banana Skirt brings a one-of-a-kind dance cardio experience led by a team of ultra energetic and friendly professional dancers.

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Absolutely Amazing!!!! Not only was it the work out of my life, the friendly environment, amazing choreography was “EVERYTHING”


Banana Skirt has been my favorite part of each day. My doctor said he had not seen a patient recover as fast as me in years. If you want something, go get it!


Banana Skirt has given me a new group of friends that I wouldn’t trade anything for. The people that take class at Banana Skirt are a special bunch, and they are a huge part of what makes this place so amazing.


Instructor was awesome & made me feel very comfortable, she did a great job breaking the “ice” at the start of class!


Class was so fun, as always, and the instructor has a great energy that makes class fun. The music makes me so happy and there aren’t any fitness classes like this one!


I got home and cried counting my blessings for coming in contact with Banana Skirt and the wonderful folks teaching here! Ya’ll are the best… my confidence hasn’t been this high in YEARS! Thank you!!


I’ve lost over 20 pounds since becoming a member of Banana Skirt!




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