Our Classes

Dance & Sculpt Your Body

Beyoncercise & SNATCHED: Compliment your dance fitness schedule with our classes that are crafted to burn mad calories and sculpt your body — at the same damn time! We employ a HIIT format that combines signature moves with various calisthenic exercises.

Turn Up, Get Lit

Ratchet Fitness: After the show, it’s the afterparty. Burn hella calories under nightclub lights in this watch & follow style class that includes all of the latest dance moves (yes, we will teach you to Milly Rock & twerk!) set to a club-style playlist (no full songs here!).

Channel Your Inner Popstar

Starpop Fitness: Live your Popstar dreams learning the exact moves from your favorite music video or concert performance. Don’t worry our instructors make it fun & easy for all levels – yet challenging enough to burn between 400-500 cals!

Our Team

What Our Clients Have To Say

Absolutely Amazing!!!! Not only was it the work out of my life, the friendly environment, amazing choreography was “EVERYTHING”


Banana Skirt has been my favorite part of each day. My doctor said he had not seen a patient recover as fast as me in years. If you want something, go get it!


Banana Skirt has given me a new group of friends that I wouldn’t trade anything for. The people that take class at Banana Skirt are a special bunch, and they are a huge part of what makes this place so amazing.


Instructor was awesome & made me feel very comfortable, she did a great job breaking the “ice” at the start of class!


Class was so fun, as always, and the instructor has a great energy that makes class fun. The music makes me so happy and there aren’t any fitness classes like this one!


I got home and cried counting my blessings for coming in contact with Banana Skirt and the wonderful folks teaching here! Ya’ll are the best… my confidence hasn’t been this high in YEARS! Thank you!!


I’ve lost over 20 pounds since becoming a member of Banana Skirt!




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