Banana Skirt


Channel your inner PopStar and dance yourself to a sizzling shape at Banana Skirt Productions, the studio that Shape Magazine deems “perfect for anyone who feels like cardio can be torture…an instant mood booster and a serious workout.”

Named to pay homage to iconic singer & dancer, Josephine Baker, and selected as one of the “Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017” by Elle UK, Banana Skirt brings a one-of-a-kind dance cardio experience led by a team of ultra energetic, fun and friendly professional dancers.

Banana Skirt offers 4 distinct classes to give you flat abs, lean legs, toned seat, and soaring energy:

Starpop Fitness breaks down the exact moves from your favorite music video or concert performance while whittling your body and boosting your confidence.

Ratchet Fitness is a watch & follow class that feels like your best night out, under club lights and a stress-busting hip-hop and r&b playlist.

C’ise is our calorie-torching HIIT classes that combine heart-pumping signature popstar moves with calisthenic toners, set to a hot featured artist soundtrack. Beyoncercise, Britneycise, Rihannacise, Brunocise…

Lit Popstar a combination of our Starpop and Ratchet Fitness classes complete with club lighting and a head banging sound system.

Banana Skirt hosts fun and lively fitness class that increases your stamina and endurance. This constant motion helps build endurance and increases your aerobic capacity while you have a fun time learning the choreography and burning calories.

No previous dance experience required, just an open mind and a desire to have lots of fun and move your body like a popstar!

Banana Skirt Productions shines with an impressive 4.5 stars out of 40+ reviews on Yelp, including:

• “I absolutely LOVVVVVVE Banana Skirt! It’s a great form of cardio and a place where you can just let loose. I leave the classes drenched. It’s like working out without the gruel, but you still get optimal benefits…tight booty, toned thighs, a lot less stress, more sexier, etc.”

• “The throw back ratchet fitness class was dope, off the hook, bad, off the chain, the bomb. What other word or phrase could I use to describe how amazingly incredible this class was. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a dance class more than this one. I was all kinds of sexy and ratchet.”

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