All of Banana Skirt’s instructors are uber talented. Each has a unique personality and an expansive base of experience. The commonalities are that all are super cool, can dance their asses off and are loads of fun. Here is a cheat sheet:

Briana: Briana is an athletic instructor whose classes tend to be full out and stamina challenging. Take her dance fitness classes if you want to challenge yourself and get an awesome calorie burn. Briana teaches Ratchet Fitness, Starpop Videography, SNATCHED & Beyoncercise.

Tiana: Tiana is a swaggy instructor with a hip-hop edge. Tiana’s classes are usually full out hip-hop inspired choreography. Take her classes if you want to tighten your hip hop moves and burn lots of calories while doing so. Tiana teaches Ratchet Fitness, Starpop Videography, & It’s Like Butta, Baby.

Marissa: Marissa is our Pop Princess and carries the distinction of being Banana Skirt’s OG. She’s super sassy and can break down the choreography from music videos like no other. If you are taking a Starpop Videography class for the very first time, Marissa is a great pick. Marissa teaches Starpop Videography.

Nikki: Nikki’s classes are going to give you sex appeal with attitude. Nikki’s classes are hip-hop with a sexy girl twist. Take Nikki’s classes if you like a mix of sex appeal & Ratchet. :0 Nikki teaches Ratchet Fitness and Starpop Videography.

Matia: Matia’s classes give you an amazing combination of finesse, athleticism topped off with a jazzy/modern dance twist. Matia teaches Starpop Videography.

Gloria: Gloria is a Zumba disciple. Her classes tend to be super high energy and include traditional exercises like burpees! Take Gloria’s class if you like your cardio workouts to include an insane sweat sesh. Gloria teaches Ratchet Fitness.

Samantha: Samantha has the sweetest personality juxtaposed by her sassy hip-hop dance moves. Samantha teaches Starpop Videography.

Tia: Tia was one a cheerleader and her dance classes have that sensibility. She’s super sweet and has the sass of NFL cheerleader. She’s a great instructor for first time Banana Skirt clients. Tia teaches Starpop Videography.