Our instructors

Samantha Tuffarelli

Name: Samantha Tuffarelli

Hometown: The Bronx, NY

How can people find you on social media?

IG / Snapchat: @samtuff

Favorite part about Banana Skirt? My Favorite part about Banana Skirt is that it allows us to be a pop star for an hour! The clients are amazing and are always ready to have fun, move and shake. By the end of the class they are transformed into amazing dancers!

Favorite music video: Lady Gaga- Poker Face

Favorite pre or post class meal? A Green Juice!!

How did you get into dancing? I took my 1st class at age 2 and haven’t stopped!!

What do you love most about dancing? I love that it allows me to escape and let go. Nothing else matters when I’m dancing and that feels great!!

Any other careers/hobbies besides dancing? I’m an Actress!

Do you have a favorite style of dance? I love girly hip hop!!

Dream vacation: Flying on a private plane to the most exotic beaches in Thailand!

Favorite quote: “And though she be but little she is fierce” William Shakespeare

On weekends you can be found: Dancing and sleeping 🙂

Tell us something random about yourself: I tap danced with Savion Glover and snuffaluffagus on Sesame Street when I was 7!!