Our instructors

Marissa Montanez

Name: Marissa Montanez

Hometown: Clarksville, Maryland

How can people find you on social media? You can find me on Instagram @chronicdancer

Favorite part about Banana Skirt? Inspiring others through the art of dance!

Favorite music video: Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

What do you love most about dancing? For me dance is the greatest therapy. No matter what type of day I have had, I always leave the studio feeling better than when I arrived. I love that dance allows us to express the deepest parts of ourselves without words.

On weekends you can be found: Most likely at Banana Skirt! If I am not in class that means I am pursuing my other passion of traveling and exploring our beautiful world.

Dream vacation: Definitely Greece. Exploring the history of Athens and then sailing through the Greek Islands of the Aegean

What was your first Banana Skirt class like? Small! I think my first Banana Skirt class was six people, but we had an absolute blast learning Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied. I fell in love with the job that very day.

Tell us something random about yourself: I have a full time job as an attorney, which usually surprises people. I love being able to challenge myself both intellectually and artistically, and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do just that every single day.