Our instructors

Gloria Santana

Name: Gloria Santana

Hometown: Long Island, New York

How can people find you on social media: You can find me @Zumba.g on IG  Gloria Santana on fb

Favorite part about banana skirt: Being able to dance freely while inspiring others to do the same!

Favorite music video: Michael Jackson Thriller

What do you love most about dancing: Dancing takes me to another place. You can be whatever you want during that time and just forget about the world around you! I can literally lose myself in the music and no matter what stresses I may have that day, they just fade away while I’m dancing!

 On weekends you can be found: Teaching Zumba or spending time with my almost two year old daughter (who also loves to dance) !

Dream vacation: BORA BORA!!!

What was your first banana skirt class like: It was a small demo ratchet class of about 10 girls! The energy was great and the class was just so much fun! I knew right then that banana skirt was the perfect place for me !