Banana Skirt


Let’s Go Banana’s! Banana Skirt classes are the most lit, fun dance fitness experience ever! You will dance alongside dancers of all experience levels (and always plenty of beginners). Everyone is there for the same reasons — to learn some awesome new moves, to break a sweat, and to shake it! Our high energy, low pressure classes are the perfect place to experiment, improvise, express yourself, and move.

Banana Skirt is an alternative approach to health and fitness; a fun way to shed pounds while building self-confidence. And the best part, it’s a community of progressive professionals, fitness and music lovers all in it together. Banana Skirt is the party turn-up minus the club hassle – a new way to workout and also to host celebrations, great for corporate team building, you name it! We offer a unique fitness solution that is total wellness. Banana Skirt is urban, glam, exhilarating, & total freedom!

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