StarPop Dance Fitness

Starpop Fitness breaks down the exact moves from your favorite music video or concert performance while whittling your body and boosting your confidence!
Think Beyonce, Britney, JLo, Justin… Don’t worry our instructors make it fun & easy enough for all levels.
Plus, we videotape the final performance and post it on our website so that you can download and continue to practice the moves you’ve learned.


After the show, it’s the afterparty. Ratchet (Zooba) Fitness is our watch & follow class that feels like your best night out, under club lights and a stress-busting playlist. Not your average dance class in any way. Our instructor’s watch and follow routines make this class all that you imagine yourself doing at the club when “your song” comes on in a safe and friendly environment. The best part about RATCHET FITNESS™ is that a workout comes with your party, complete with intermittent training that targets everything – abs, gluts, arms, and legs.

If you love working out to hip-hop and love a high-intesity cardio workout, then this class is for you!

Beyoncercise, Rihannacise & Janetcise

In this class, you will dance your way to fitness in this all Bey, Rih or Janet everything class that is crafted to burn mad calories and sculpt your body at the same damn time! This is a group fitness HIIT format that combines some of the artist’s signature moves with various calisthenic exercises, set to a soundtrack by the artist du jour. This class is a serious dance cardio workout & will get you fast results!


Our dance circuit class that combines dance cardio with a HIIT inspired circuit using weights, resistance bands, and gliders all set to a high energy pop & hip-hop playlist. Yes, you’re up for the challenge and you’re booty will thank you for it!